(NEWS) Ryan Gosling will be in Blade Runner: now it's official

Hello GosAdd,
Finally!!!  Now we can say without doubt Ryan Gosling will be in Blade Runner 2 (let's called it this way for now).

Indiewire reports an interview taken with Denis Villeneuve during the Toronto Internationan Film Festival.
While promoting his new movie "Sicario" he talked about his projects, including Blade Runner.

Question: Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford are confirmed for that?
Answer: Yes, yes. They are our actors, the people that are attached to the project right now.

No more was said. The movie should be out in 2017 and the shootign should start in Summer 2016.
Anyway, the Director said "that are attached to the project right now".
Don't forget Ryan was attached to the remake (another sci-fi) of Logan's Run (with Nicolas WR as director). They both left in the end.

More news will for sure arrive in the next months.

Stay Gos


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