(NEWS) - Lost River - the OST is coming

Hey Gosadd,
here I'm talking you about the Soundrack for  Lost River, Ryan's directiona (beautiful) debut.

This morning a new post from Italians Do It Better  has appeared on my Facebook's newsfeed:

"...Tell Me..."http://italiansdoitbetter.com/
Posted by ITALIANS DO IT BETTER on Domenica 6 settembre 2015
And as I'm curious like and much more  than a cat....

Well, this post links us to the official Tumblr page and from there to the official Store where we can order the Soundtrack for the movie.

Actually, the OST shoud have been released months ago as said in my previous post.
Then it was postponed over and over again.

On the page there is already a complete post with all the links for buying the movie on cd/blu ray and the Ost on Amazon sites. All you have to do is simply clicking > > here < <.

You can also order your copy or the digital download on the Official Italians Do it better Store:


And we have a preview of the CD:

Have a good day and.. Stay Gos


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