(NEWS) Welcome to La La Land... or not?

Hey GosAdd,
In a while I will try and change the photo used in the head dont' worry. I was just waiting for a better photo of Ryan and Emma on set. 
Anyway... Here I'm back talking you about La La Land  or I should say "Welcome to La La Land"...

Surely you are now wondering why this new title....
Well, this morning I was taking my usually "trip" on Twitter and Instagram and this appeared
Una foto pubblicata da Comedian Cory Robinson (@crshowtime831) in data:

Ok.. this is just a pic from the set taken by Cory Robinson (comedian who is in the movie) but if you read in the comments....

He says Welcome to La La Land is a working title and now I've got doubts! 
Let's wait for knowing more.

In the meantime, enjoy your day and..
Stay Gos


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  1. Anonimo5:42 PM

    one "news" on "untitled Terrence Malick project:
    though One Big Soul said it was completed, producer Nicolas Gonda just confirmed, while he was in deauville, that Malick is still working on it and promised it will be released in 2016! He confirmed it was still untitled too.
    The article is in french: http://www.telerama.fr/cinema/deux-ou-trois-choses-de-plus-a-savoir-sur-le-mysterieux-mr-malick,131287.php

  2. Anonimo5:44 PM

    just a correction: he didn't say the movie will be released in 2016 but that it will be selected in a big international festival in 2016!