(NEWS) The Big Short is ready!

How many posts today!!!!
Just this morning I've written I'm only posting photos....
And now this BIG BIG NEWS about  The Big Short, the movie directed by Adam McKay and based on the Michael Lewis book.

It seems like the movie is yet ready. Maybe it was just a test but one of my GosAdd on Facebook - Thanks a lot Paige - shared this with me few minutesa ago and here I'm sharing it with you.

This is from The Dudes Movie Review facebook page (this review may contain SPOILER):

Saw The Big Short last night it was a great change for Director Adam McKay.

Okay so the film takes a ground-level view of a major financial wrinkle, and bad business practices that led to a dark recession, and how some actually saw the cataclysm coming, and just took advantage of the situation either deriving benefit from the fall of powerful financial institutions through derivative market violation, or simply watching and or being an accomplice.

Frakin Brad Pitt that Magnificent bastard in this film. The Big Short most definitely seemed like a bad fit at first... McKay has been known to throw in some pretty sharp jabs at corporate America along with dick jokes so i left all reservations at the door.

There was humor similar to that in Wolf of Wall Street, the lives of these high rollers were a highlight.. The big short is refreshing in its determination not to simply glamourise or demonise these financial wizards, but its desire to sum up the whole crisis means that, at times, the film becomes just a series of static, over-determined conversations held in lofty offices consisting of preaching...

Preaching about money we don't have could have done away with that. But Adam McKay gets great performances out of his actors though.

The downfall, not much is done with the cinematography maybe it's me but the feel and look of the world felt like an episode of a soap opera haha. But for a soap at least it tells a great story.


One of the first things I've read when this movie was announced was The Big Short could have been released before the end of 2015. And if the movie is really ready.... Well, we've got hopes!

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