Ryan Gosling Addicted turns 3 - Happy Birthday!

So today it's 3 years Ryan Gosling Addicted is online.
3   Y e a r s ! !
It seems yesterday when I first decided to open up a Facebook page for an actor I didn't know till few months before that 24 August 2012.
I still remember the first time I casually saw The Ides of March  and I was struck by that young and to me unknown actor.
You may think I'm totally mad but I've never fell in love with an actor (or a singer) that way in all my life (and I'm not a girlie since ages).
When few days after I've watched The Notebook (no.. definitely that movie is not my cup of tea for I'm not into love movies) I was blown away by his Noah then Drive came along and I surrendered to his huge talent.
I've started searching informations about him but all I could find was photos and photos and few infos so why not? Why not open my own page trying to collect as more infos as I could about him?

So Ryan Gosling Addicted was born (unfortunately Facebook can't let me change the name so you see it as Ryan Gosling Page), at first in Italian to turn slowly bilingual (all the post are written in English and Italian) as the majority of my GosAddicted are from all over the world.

It wasn't easy at all. It took me a long time to reach 500 GosAddicted then day by day and thanks to a little promo from few pages…
Here I am now after 3 years with almost 13.000 followers only on my Facebook page and more than 10.000 on my Tumblr.

After Facebook, I've created my accounts on TumblrTwitter, You Tube and Instagram (this one is not updated anymore as I've never liked it: the only matter is how many images you post) and finally this blog that is my big pride (I've also learnt how to use the hmtl language!!!!!) along with my Facebook account and last but not least the Photo Gallery.

I've been through high and low; many times over these 3 years I thought about shutting down everything.
Why keeping doing it when there are tons and tons of pages and accounts devoted to  Ryan with many more followers than me just for posting photos?
Why keeping doing it when I've been accused of stealing after a week from the opening? Or being insulted on socials?
Because I love Ryan and his works and what I'm doing is a hobby for me.
Because Ryan himself let me have his official statement for Cannes last year (read it here).
Because I've received important e-mails showing I was doing good.
Because some followed movie websites used some of my articles.
Because I've been told some pages are similar to me and you usually copy something you like.
Because Ryan answered a simple and maybe stupid answer of mine during Lost River Q&A in NYC (watch the  video here).

Few things have changed in my life over the last 3 years.
I've met persons who really hurt me more than you can imagine.
I've met nice persons who kept telling me to ignore them and be strong.
I've met a person who is now very close to me and I can't live without this friendship.
I've started a new life buying my own house.

One thing has remained the same: my love for Ryan. 
I know I won't meet him. I know he won't call me or see my face. I know I won't talk to him.
But this is not that important in the end. His movies and music are with me and more will come in the future.

Today 24 August 2015 
Ryan Gosling Addicted turns 3 
and I want to say 
THANKS my GosAddicted for following me.

Stay Gos


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  1. Felicidades Ale, quien diría 3 años ya.!!! Haces un excelente trabajo .

  2. Tantissimi auguri alla pagina meravigliosa che hai creato! Continua così e vedrai che le soddisfazioni aumenteranno di giorno in giorno! Grazie per questi primi tre anni ❤️�� +3!

    1. Grazie mille Isabella. Non so se avrò di più ma va bene così. 💖