(PHOTOS) La La Land - Shooting in Los Angeles (18-19 August)

Hey GosAdd,
the shooting for  La La Land  is still on in Los Angeles.
There are plenty of photos taken between 18 and 19 August in Pasadena (18 August) and Burbank (19 August) and here I'm posting you the links, after a long fight with my home pc (it's sooooooooooo slow!!!!)

It took me a little much time than usual to upload the photos but, you know, I've realized my life and family is much more important than a photo of Ryan (though I love him as usual) and I know you all follow other pages devoted to Ryan and these photos may be not new to you.
So, sorry I'm not sorry for the delay.

Back to La La Land… as you can see from the photos above there are 3 sets.

The first one on August 18 in Pasadena. They shoot from the afternoon till night. See here the Gallery.

I've divided the photos from  August 19 in 2 albums. The set was  in Burbank. In the first album Sebastian (Ryan) and Mia (Emma) on a date in front of a theater. Sebastian is a little aggressive and she runs but I think it may be a kind of game between them. See here the Gallery.
In the second album, we see Sebastian sitting on a table (waiting for Mia?) and then in a car. See here the Gallery.

Enjoy the photos!

Credit to: © Pacific Coast News /  © Wenn / © BuzzFoto - Getty Images / © Splash News / © Corbis / © AKM Gsi


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