(PHOTOS) - La La Land - Let's go to the Beach (August 25)

Movie set - La La Land - 2015 - August 25 - Hermosa Beach - Instagram @ ___josselyn___

Hello GosAdd,
We're in the middle of a new week (the last one for this August) and more photos from the set of  La La Land are now out.

And Yesterday, August 25, Ryan went to the beach this time, at Hermosa Beach, in the LA County, to be precise.
He smiled with his unique and beautiful and sweet smile (yes I know, today I'm born this way!), he danced and he flipped his hat with his right hands.

Don't forget this is a MUSICAL and both he and Emma are supposed to dance and sing. Besides, Emma herself said over Cannes that songs were already done.

On the  Gallery you could see + 50 HQ Images so far.

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Credit to: © Pacific Coast News© Splash News / © Corbis
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