(PHOTOS) La La Land - Sebastian & Mia (August 28)


Hey GosAdd,
The week-end is over and here I'm back. So  the shooting for La La Land is going on and Friday, August 28 - Ryan and Emma shot an intense scene.
Love or hate? The mark between those feelings is so thin...
From the phosto is clear that Sebastian and Mia are having a discussion. He tries to catch her but she goes away.

Ryan is very athletic in these photos. I find him to be really fit almost as much as in Only God Forgives.

On the Gallery +54 HQ photos.

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August 12  - Los Angeles
August 18 - Pasadena, Los Angeles
August 19 - Burbank, Los Angeles - # 01
August 19 - Burbank, Los Angeles - # 02
August 20 - Downtown Los Angeles
August 21 - Santa Clarita, Los Angeles
August 25 - Hermosa Beach, Los Angeles
August 26 - Los Angeles
August 27 - Downtown Los Angeles
August 28 - Los Angeles 


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