La La Land - What about this scene?

Hey GosAdd,
Let's talk about La La Land  and few photos I've just uploaded on the Gallery.

In the photos above, we can see clearly Sebastian (Ryan) turning out a little… aggressive may I say this?
Sebastian and Mia (Emma Stone) are on a date at a cinema (showing a movie of the old days)

Then… what's happen?? Sebastian strips away the cartel of the cinema and throws it to Mia.

In the three photos above we see clearly Mia trying to enter the cinema and we see the  cartel touching the ground near to her.

Honestly I don't know if they are joking (in the movie of course) or if Sebastian gets really mad for something she says to him.

The movie is about their love story. Mia wants to be an actress while Sebastian is a jazzist piano player.  And it's not an easy love.

What do you think about these photos ??

Credit to: © Pacific Coast News /  © Wenn / © BuzzFoto - Getty Images / © Splash News / © Corbis / © AKM Gsi


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  1. It's not a cinema. If you saw the movie, this is the lengendary jazz bar they turned into a Tapas and Tunes bar, so Mia holds the door so the owner can't open it from the inside while Seb breaks the sing of the bar. I think it's a beautiful awesome scene and they loom amazing in your pictures!

    1. This post is very old, from August 2015 when the movie was not yet out and we had just a bunch of photos from the set.
      So at the time I didn't know the Tapas & Tunes was the famous Van Beek