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So, what's Twitter is for in Ryan's thought?
Over the year Ryan tweeted really few times and - forgetting the few infos during Lost River Promotion - he mostly tweets charity stuff.

July 8, 2015 - Ryan against Slavery

I was going to bed when I had the notification of his twitter (his last one was dated 21 May 2015, another charity one) as it was late evening in my Country.

He asked to teach him to make the video viral. Well, me I can do little as I'm just a fan running small pages.
Me, I don't like twitter at all. 140 spaces are not enough to explain a thought or giving a news, not enough for me at least. So  I've answered him (surely, he didn't read my tweet) I will try and help him the best as I can:

Of course many inaproppriate tweets have been written back and really... why people are so superficial in these days?
The video, uploaded on the official Equal Justice Initiative  talks about the history of Slavery and shows us how slavery and racistm are still among us.

I do suggest you to take a look at the video and share it.


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