From Blue Valentine to Lost River, via Pines (Warning: SPOILER)

We all know Ryan has said many and many times he loves to work with "friends", that is persons he knows, with whom he has already worked in the past.

This is another proof his statement is real.

You may wonder why 2 photos are visible and the third one is covered by pixels...

Well, if you read the title of  this post you know  there is a spoiler. Now, I suppose you all have watched yet Blue Valentine and The Place Beyond the Pines but not Lost River.

And the 3rd photo is from Ryan's directional debut that, so far, has been released in few Countries all over the world and in many of them in limited cinemas.
Unless you have bought (as I did suggest you more than once) the dvd/blu ray..... Yes, this post has a big SPOILER in it.

So, if you are planning to watch the movie STOP READING HERE.
If you keep reading, you know you will find out and see something about the movie.

Yesterday I was taking a tour on Instagram... I may have abandoned it as I'm not posting anymore but it's a good source for fanphotos and little infos... Interesting infos....

Months ago I saw this pic (the 3rd one) and I've saved it on my hd but I haven't posted it because.... well, I repeat myself again.... HUGE SPOILER.
Well, yesterday I've found the same account with 2 more photos.... Dean and Jason.

The account I'm talking about is Prorenfx, run by Mike Marino, Designer/Owner at Prostethic renaissance - an artistic powerhouse of design  make-up FX with clients in all forms of media -.

So, let's start.
First photo: Dean Pereira, from Blue Valentine:

Second photo: Jason, from The Place Beyond The Pines:

Third photo: Face, from Lost River:

Una foto pubblicata da Mike Marino: Designer/Owner (@prorenfx) in data:

If you have seen the movie you know Bully (Matt Smith) used to cut off the lips from persons who upset him.... And this was also Face's destiny.

Now what do you think of these effects?? I was really surprised in finding out what you can achieve with a great make-up (especially for Face).

That's all for now.

Have a good week
Stay Gos


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