(PHOTOS) Stay - have you ever seen these polaroids?


Hello GosAdd,
I know you may have the thought I was gone for good. But here I am! I'm just a little busy trying to have a living. And recently our Gos is quiet so...
Anyway, I'm always searching for new stuff about him and sometimes it happens I'm lucky and I actually find something interesting (well, interesting for me at least).

Few months ago I've found a photo posted on facebook by this German photographer - Stefanie Schneider - who was Senior Artist at the Art Department during the making of this beautiful movie that is Stay (by German director Marc Forster).

Over the weeks she posted more photos and finally I've asked her the permission to post her photos on my Gallery and - hurrah! hurrah! hurrah! - she told me Yes.

So far you can see 17 beautiful photos (Movies - Stay - Production Polaroids) ; not only of our Ryan (as Henry Letham) but also Ewan McGregor (as Doc. Sam Foster), Naomi Watts (as  Lila Culpepper) and few landscapes.

Don't forget to visit Stefanie Schneider on her Facebook and WebSite.

For the photos: Thanks and Credit to: © Stefanie Schneider

Stay Gos


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