Lost River - Japan is going mad about it

Hello GosAdd,
Lost River will be released in Japanese cinemas on 30 May 2015. And what's happening there is amazing!

Ryan's movie was quite destroyed in Cannes in May 2014. Then released this spring in cinemas in few Countries. Love it or hate it. No in-between for his first movie.

Anyway, I was saying the movie is going to be released in Japan and not only there is a big promotion, there is also an official (and visually beautiful) site. The only "problem" is - of course - it's entirely written in Japanese, language I'd love to learn actually.

Besides, designer maker Takahiro Miyashita has made beautiful tees with the characters from the movie.

You can buy them on the Japanese site Eyescream.jp. Once again, it's in Japanese (what a surprise, huh!). Anyway, Google Translate helps. So this is what's written on the page (more or less):

This weekend, from Saturday 30 May it is the national road show for "Lost River".
We celebrate the release of the movie, a big topic here in Japan and the directorial debut of  Ryan Gosling, with designer brand Takahiro Miyashita. Thans to a special collaboration,  T-shirts have made.

There are five tees with the main characters (BONES, CAT, RAT, BULLY, BILLY) on the front. On the back a common design that reflects the unique and strange and beautiful world of unique Ryan Gosling.

The sell starts at retail in 3 stores while it will become nationwide from late June. And will be released in handling store.

Store: Tokyo, Minato-ku, Minami-Aoyama 6-1-6 Palace Aoyama 108
Tel: 03-6805-1989
Hours: 12:00 to 20:00 Monday Closed 
WebSite - http://www.the-soloist.net/
That's all for now
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