Grace and Frankie and... Ryan Gosling

Hello there GosAdd,

Last year Jane Fonda was spotted with a chair with Ryan's face on it.
Those photos were everywhere on the net and at first we (I)'ve thought Mrs Fonda was soooooooo deep in love with our Ryan that she had to have his chair.

Well, we were (I was) wrong, as in a while after it was clear the chair was for  a Tv Serie named "Grace and Frankie" (starring Fonda and Martin Sheen and many others).

Netflix is now airing the serie and the first screenshots are online....

My My My. Poor Ryan!!!! From the "Hey Girl" to "Ryan won't eat his cereals"... and now this...

Mrs Fonda pretends to be the only one who can sit on his beautiful face.....

(You can see the animated gif here )

And that's not all... By the still below it seems she suffers from incontinence...

Poor Gos!!!!!!

Are you watching this serie? I think I will try and watch it if it will be screened in my Country.

For the stills, thanks to: © OkJanelle  | © Stop Talking | © Homo-Spectacle


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