Ryan Gosling in Haunted Mansion by Guillermo Del Toro?

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in the middle of the promotion for Lost River, The Wrap reports as exclusive that Ryan may star in Haunted Mansion directed by Guillermo Del Toro.

This is an extract of the article:
Just as his directorial debut “Lost River” hits theaters this weekend, Oscar-nominated actor Ryan Gosling is in talks to star in Guillermo del Toro‘s Disney movie “Haunted Mansion.”
Gosling and del Toro have developed a close friendship of late, with the Mexican filmmaker moderating a panel with Gosling at SXSW last month to discuss the making of “Lost River.” The duo were also photographed together at Disneyland over Oscar weekend, where they rode the Haunted Mansion ride in addition to Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain Railroad and the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction.
“Haunted Mansion” has been in development at Disney for several years, as the project was first announced at Comic-Con in July 2010. D.V. DeVincentis (“High Fidelity”) is currently working on the script for the supernatural family film.
“Haunted Mansion” represents a homecoming of sorts for the actor, who is a former Mouseketeer. He also co-starred in Disney’s beloved sports movie “Remember the Titans.”

Source: The Wrap

For now it's not confirmed at all but who knows....

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