Lost River - What lies beneath.... the score

Tell me I'm your baby
And you'll never leave me
Tell me that you'll kiss me

Whisper that you love me
That you'll  never leave me
Be mine for always
I'll be yours forever

Tell me I'm your baby
And you'll never leave me
Tell me that you'll kiss me

This is what Saoirse Ronan sings so soft and gentle in the first track from the Lost River track, scored by Johnny Jewel.

Did you know the song is Ryan's favorite one? He admitted this  on twitter.
But... did you know the story behind this song?

Mr Jewel tells us about it:
After the film was cut, Saoirse was here in Los Angeles recording voice overs for the film.
Out of nowhere, I got a text from Ryan that simply said..."Rat's in town. You ready to do it?"
I packed up a microphone, a tape machine, and a preamp, & drove as fast as i could to the mix stage.
When I got there, they gave me a huge sound stage to work in, but she was a little nervous.
Even though she is incredibly accomplished on screen, she had never recorded a pop song before.
To melt the ice, I set up an 8 track on the floor of the kitchen next door.
I unplugged the all phones from the wall, & put them inside the refrigerator.
She came into the room, & the three of us piled up all of the furniture & suitcases in the corner to block the door.
I wanted to make her feel as safe as possible, & I wanted her to sing as intimately as she could.
Like she was the only person in the world.
I promised her there was no way anyone was getting into that room until we were done.
Ryan turned off the all lights, & all three of us sat on the floor in a circle in the dark.
We recorded it in two takes with a single microphone and no headphones.
There are no words to describe that moment.
It was pure magic.
I've heard this song a thousand times since that evening...& i'm still floored every time it comes on.

Just a word: sweetness!


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