Lost River Promotion - Ryan Gosling bites The Big Apple

Hello GosAdd,
after leaving London Ryan flew to New York City, The Big Apple (or The juicy Big Apple as Hugh Grant said in Bridget Jones Part II).

Busy, of course.  Ryan was busy for two days in here.

In the evening he attended the screenings at the Angelika Film Center and here we have few photos (credit to © Dave Allocca -  see the photos here).

The morning after Ryan attended his 3rd twitter session, this time organized by ITunes.
All you had to do was sending your question to Ryan with the hashtag #AskRyan. I've tried of course but... well, I'm not a lucky girl, I've always said this.

We have few few photos from the sessione like the following:

Ok ok this has nothing to do with the twitter session but our Ryan posted it himself on his own twitter while answering (it was for National Pet Day).
So, how sweet is this?
Anyway, here you can see the few photos posted on twitter.

Then Ryan attended a Q&A Panel at the Apple Store in SoHo. So far we have no videos available but we have few photos.See them here. Are 292 photos enough for you?
As usual Ryan was asked more or less the same old things.... I think you can read this article appeared on BuzzFeed. Here one of the many answers:
One of my favorite scenes in the movie is with Matt Smith and this lady in a gas station. This gas station was the only one for like 10 blocks where we were shooting, and I think they were selling something else at the gas station, something like people really wanted. They didn’t care that we were making a movie, they just, you know, had to get it. So there was a real tension because we were trying to shoot this film and people were really sort of upset that we were there, and at a certain point we thought, just let them in the scene, you know? So what happened was they started sort of interacting with the actors, and Matt did this amazing job of pulling this one woman into this scene and they started dancing together — it was literally like the fantasy and the reality was sort of dancing together and really highlighted what we were trying to do.

After NY Ryan left to Los Angeles where he attended another Q&A at the Sundance Sunset Cinema.

That's all for now.

Stay Gos


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