Lost River Promotion - Day #3: Interviews & Premieres

Another hard day for our  Ryan. His last one in Paris.

During the day Ryan had few interviews. We have photos taken by journalists like Nikos Agolias (the photo above is his) and for sure later in the week we will have some videos.

At 16 (that is 4 pm) Ryan had a live twitter session organized by Allociné (a French movie site).
We have few photos like this one below

Ryan answered  few questions.... I should keep my mouth shut up but I'm famous for saying what's in my mind...
Do you know what?? Ryan had tons and tons of tweets by fans from all over the world...
Now.... how is that some persons have 2 or more of their questions asked?? Did they asked incredible stuff?? NO!
One asked what is your fave pizza (he didnt answer. too personal question).
Another one asked if there will be another Dead Man's Bones album (unanswered and I think many of us wanted to know this).
Would you like to work with a French director??
So, he answered simple questions. So... how did it work?? Sorry for saying this. I  think they knew who chose.
Me? Sure, I've asked 2 stupid questions and I was sure they would have been ignored: Ryan, are you planning a new movie with Nicolas WR? and can you tell a word of hope for your poor Italian fans who won't see the movie?
Ok, let's stop here!

We are not at his evening that was very stressful.
Ryan toured 3 cinemas.

First he arrived at the MK2 Biblioteque. Then he went to the UGC Ciné Cité Les Halles. Finally he arrived at the UGC Ciné Cité Bercy where the real premiere took place.
Next to him, Reda Kateb.

On the Gallery you can find 88 photos from the Premiere.

And here a brief clip:

Later in the day I will upload also few photos taken by fans during his "tour" across Paris.

And... after the premiere?? A pizza!!!


That's all!

Stay Gos


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