Lost River Promotion - Day #2: Interviews & Screening

Yesterday 6 April 2015 was a busy day for Ryan.

http://ryangoslingaddicted.sosugary.com/thumbnails.php?album=824In the morning he was interviews on Radio France Inter during the show"Boomerang".
Yesterday I've posted the audio of the interviw and you can listen to it here.
If you prefer, you can download the podcast on ITunes and this is the link.
(You have to download the #2 - Sombres fééries de Ryan Gosling - Emission de 6 April 2015).

Then it was  time for interviews with TV and Magazines. At the moment we have just an interview on line that is the one opening this post by Allociné, French movie site.

Surely more will come later this week.
Here on the side a photo posted yesterday on twitter (@Caroklouk)

Then, yesterday there was a private screening of Lost River followed by a Q&A session with Ryan, Reda Kateb and Reda's puppy (Paulo).
And you know what?? We have the COMPLETE clip from it!

Let me be honest! I haven't yet had the time for listening to it (sorry! I've got a life outside the blog).
And that's not all! Because we have a lot of photos taken during the event.
You can start watching the few I've uploaded on the Gallery (once again many thank to Elen Naivre who gave me her permission to post hers) but promise: more will come as I get the time to upload them.

After the Q&A Ryan's day wasnt over. He and Reda went to Le Grand Journal for another apparition. Yes GosAdd.. Ryan is doing a tour de force!
This is the link to the video, available on the official site of the show:

That's all for today.

Stay Gos


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