Lost River Promotion - A Canadian Goose in London

Hey GosAdd,
Finally here I am!!!! I was too busy yesterday and  I couldn't find the time for writing. But now..... here it is the article about the days Ryan spent in London promoting his Lost River.

After being very busy for 3 days in Paris (read my 3 previous posts -- Day #1 -- Day #2 -- Day #3) with Reda Kateb (in the movie he is Rob The Cab Driver) he flew to London for 2 busy days either. And Matt Smith (Bully) was there with him.

His first step in London was attending a special Q&A Panel at the Apple Store in Regent Street at 7.50 pm. On the Gallery you can find 137 HQ photos like these below:


After the Apple Store he and Matt went at the Curzon SoHo for another Q&A Panel. There are few "official" photos from the cinema but we've got 2 videos (well, for now!)

During a break they did a photoshoot (this is a picture posted by @JamesKingMovies on twitter, Credit to Apple)

The day after (Gos!! This is the title of a disaster movie from the 80s... Have you ever watched it???) Ryan attended a BBC One Show and... Poor Ryan! He forgot to turn off his phone and.... Look at the video

Isn't he lovely???

His afternoon was busy as well.. Interviews, a live twitter session organized by Total Film...

and then that he had to pick up the winner for the competition organized by PosterSpy. In this photo he posted on his twitter he looks a little desperate....
And then.... his day was quite over... Quite!!!!!!

Ryan and Matt attended their last Q&A Panel in London at Curzon Chelsea Cinema (at first it was said  at Ritzy Brixton but now I don't know if it's the same cinema or what else).

To end up his day, Ryan did a photocall at the Edition Hotel in London, before enjoying his night out with Matt Smith and his girlfriend (but this is none of our business, right?).


I think everything was said... but before I go, let me share you the last thing. A nice interview taken with The Guardian... Here the first lines
‘I think there’s blood on my glass.” Ryan Gosling is joking, until he looks again. A glossy redness stains the edge of the tumbler. The publicist apologises, holds up the hand she’s just cut opening the water bottle. For anyone whose world view depends on the idea of Gosling as chivalrous, the good news is this: “It really is blood?” He springs up. “Wait, are you OK?” Bandages are sought. After a few moments, we resume our interview. “Wow,” he says. “Blood spilled already. We can only go downhill.”

Hope you like this article of mine... A little longer than usual I know... Sorry for this.

And now... where is Ryan? Ryan is flying to New York City because the promotion for Lost River is not yet ended... But this a story I will tell you next week.

Stay Gos


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