La La Land - Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone together again?

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Deadline reports Ryan is in talk for being in La La Land, directed and written by Damien Chazelle (he directed Whiplash). Emma Stone is reported to be in too.

Ryan would play Sebastian, a jazzist pianist, while Emma would be Mia, an anspiring actress. The two try to keep their relationship together in a city of cutthroat careerism. This is going to be an old fashioned musical and it's set for the shooting in the Fall.

EXCLUSIVE: Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are circling La La Land, which will now be Damien Chazelle’s follow-up to his Oscar-nominated pic Whiplash. Lionsgate’s contemporary romantic musical was to reunite Chazelle and his Whiplash star Miles Teller, but Deadline understands Teller has now moved on. No deal has been finalized for either Gosling or Stone, but all sides are working to make this happen. The plan is for this to go before cameras in the fall featuring two of the industry’s top actors.

Chazelle wrote La La Land before Whiplash. It is described as an old fashioned musical set in contemporary Los Angeles and centers on a love story between a jazz pianist and an aspiring actress.

About the movie, last Fall Chazelle said to Indiewire/ThePlaylist:
"It's gonna be this MGM-style film with big song and dance numbers. The models are 'Singin’ In The Rain,' 'A Star is Born,' 'Gentleman Prefer Blondes,' 'Meet Me in St Louis,' etc., but also the French New Wave, Jacques Demy, 'Umbrellas of Cherbourg,'
Definitely a completely different register than 'Whiplash,' but hopefully - I like movies that go for broke, so hopefully it'll have the same energy. The mood will be different, though."

Ryan is also rumored to be in the next Guillermo Del Toro project "Haunted Mansion".

At the moment he is shooting The Big Short in New Orleans.

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  1. Just simple love the dance of both in LA LA LAND. Emma is was looking like the beauty of Hollywood.