Haunted Mansion - Ryan Gosling confirms the talks...

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during an interview with , Yahoo Movies Ryan confirms he and Guillermo Del Toro have talked about Haunted Mansion.

This is an extract of the article:
We’re talking about it,” said Gosling, a former Mouseketeer who’s still a big fan of Disneyland. “That’s my favorite ride. Haunted Mansion is a whole world, it’s not just a ride, so I feel like in Guillermo’s hands it could be amazing.”

Honestly, by Ryan's words they've talked about the movie but he is not saying he will star in it or even make it.
Let's wait for more news.

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  1. Anonimo8:09 PM

    On thursday the Cannes selection will be announced, do you think" Weightless" will be there or not? I know some site have said the movie is finished but nothing has been confirmed officially. I don't have much hope for Cannes since Malick's other movie Knight of Cups was just in Berlin 2 months ago. What do you think?

    1. I'm waiting for the announce. I don't know if the movie will be at Cannes. Anyway for me the movie is ready now. The fact is that Malick send his actor... If so... who will be in Cannes?

  2. Anonimo2:16 PM

    It would be disappointing if Ryan wasn't there as he seems to be the lead... But there are so many stars in that film that he could skip the Cannes premiere if he's busy filming, for sure... Anyway, I'm still not very optimistic that the movie will be announced in the lineup tomorrow:(

    1. I'm sure Ryan will be in together with Rooney Mara, Fassbender, Blanchett and Portman. I think Bale will be missing.