Weightless! We've got a name!

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The news is already old by now, at least if you're following on my Facebook page.

Yesterday both The Playlist and The Film Stage has announced Terrence Malick has finally found a name for his movie: Weightless!

At the beginning it was Lawless, but Malick gave it to Hillcoat for his movie and the movies was called simply Untitled Terrence Malick Project.. Then last year a small clip was screened in Salerno during a festival and it turned out a new name: Project V.. V is 5 in Roman Numbers so maybe it was just his fifth project…

Well, now we know (we suppose to know) Weightless is the final name. This is what The Film Stage reports:

After premiering Knight of Cups recently at Berlin Film Festival, it’s likely not the only time we’ll see a new film from Terrence Malick this year. Shot back-to-back with his Christian Bale-led drama, he embarked on a music-themed feature set in Austin a few years ago. With a confirmed cast of at least Ryan Gosling, Rooney Mara, Michael Fassbender, Natalie Portman and Cate Blanchett, Malick recently finished production on the film and now we finally have its title.

Thanks to the resume of re-recording mixer and sound editor Joel Dougherty (via One Big Soul), the official title has been revealed to be Weightless. As we know, Malick originally had the title of Lawless before John Hillcoat snapped it up for his prohibition era crime drama, so this new “-less”-branded title isn’t too much of a surprise.

The story follows two intersecting love triangles exploring sexual obsession and betrayal set against the music scene in Austin, Texas. Featuring music from Madonna, Bob Dylan, and Arcade Fire, the cast may also include Bale, Val Kilmer, Benicio Del Toro, Clifton Collins Jr., Boyd Holbrook, Haley Bennett, Tom Sturridgem Berenice Marlohe and Holly Hunter, among likely many others.
Bale himself told in an interview he won't be in as he shot just a couple of days but who knows… We have to wait.

The rights for the movie has already been bought by Broad Green for the Us and by Adler for Italy.

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