The Big Short, the new project of Ryan Gosling

Yesterday it was confirmed!
Ryan Gosling will play Greg Lippman in  The Big Short, directed by Adam McKay and based on the Michael Lewis book.

The movie is in pre-production at the moment and the shooting will start in a month in New Orleans (Louisiana). I do remind you Ryan will be in Europe the first 10 days of April for Lost River so the time is perfect for him.

During a podcast, McKay said the level of realism is “99.3%”.
A little about the characters:
- Greg Lippmann (Ryan Gosling) is a Deutsche Bank trader and a key figure in the housing collapse.

- Steve Eisman (Steve Carell) is a  money manager who shorted the securitized subprime home mortgages
- Michael Burry (Christian Bale), a hedge fund manager who saw the housing crisis coming, is an “introvert” with Asperger syndrome.
- Ben Hockett (Brad Pitt) is a  trader, a “paranoid, apocalyptic kind of guy, even though his character is brilliant.”

The movie could be released by the end of the year (in the US) by Paramount Pictures.

Here below the podcast (it's a little longer but quite interesting anyway)


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