Lost River - US Premiere during SXSW Music, Film Festival (March, 14)


So GosAdd,
yesterday evening at 9.30 local time Lost River had its US Premiere.
On the red carpet quite all the cast: Ryan, Iain De Caestecker, Saoirse Ronan, Eva Mendes, Ben Mendelson, Rob Zabrecky, Barbara Steele and Johnny Jewel who scored the movie.
Christina Hendricks, Matt Smith, Reda Kateb and little Landyn Stewart weren't there.

At the moment there are few official photos but more will arrive. You can start watching them on the Gallery (album March 14 - Lost River Premiere) .

For the photos: Credit to: © Michael Loccisano - © Gary Miller - 

Soon after the screening few tweets appeared and Gos… most of them  were really good  but real reviews are not online (well, it's soon… maybe later during the day). Here below few tweets.

Tomorrow I will try and write a brief article about the Conversation and the Premiere.

Stay Gos


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