Lost River - Festivals & Premieres (2015)

Lost River Events - last update 8 April 2015

Hello GosAdd,
Many events between March and April for Lost River. Let me write them here as lons as I've found out them.

A Conversation with Ryan Gosling & Guillermo del Toro
March 13 - Austin, Texas during SXSW. The event will be at the Austin Convention center from 3.30 pm to 4.30 local time. Read about it here.

Lost River - US Premiere
March 14 - Austin, Texas during SXSW. The event will be at the Topfer Theathre at ZACH.
First screening (I think Ryan will attend this one) at  9.30 pm; the second is soon after at 11.04 pm. More infos here.

Lost River - Jameson Dublin International Film Festival
March 28 -   Dublin (Ireland).
The movie will be screening on 28 March 2015 at 4.15 pm and Saoirse Ronan will attend.
You can book your ticket on the official site.

https://myclap.tv/emissions-de-tv/studio-visual-2-rue-des-cevennes-75015-paris/le-grand-journal/11-09-2014Ryan Gosling & Reda Kateb - Le Grand Journal
April 6 - Paris, France - Ryan and Reda Kateb will be guests at Le Grand Journal.
The show is on air from 18.30 (6.30 pm) til 20.30 (8.30 pm).

You can book your place yet here.
Ryan himself confirmed on twitter he will be in Paris for the premiere of the movie. I suppose this will happen on 7 April.

Lost River - French Premiere 
April 7 - Paris, France - Ryan will be tour 3 cinemas: M2K Biblioteque;  UGC Ciné Cité Les Halles and UGC Ciné Cité Bercy where the final premiere will took place. Click here for the Cinema's official site

Lost River - UK Premiere and Questions & Answers.
April 8 & 9 - United Kingdom - Ryan will attend the premiere in the UK and there will be a following Q&A broadcasted nationwide.
On 8 April at 6.30 pm Ryan will be at the Curzon Soho. Try and book your seat here

On 9 April at 7.30 pm Ryan will be at the Ritzy Cinema Brixton. Try and book here.

Lost River - NYC Premiere and Questions & Answers.
April 10 - New York City - Lost River will be screened at the Angelika Film Center in NYC at 9.50 pm. Ryan will introduce the movie.
Try and book your ticket here

Lost River - Istanbul Film Festival
April 4 - 19 -  Istanbul (Turkey).
The movie will be screening 3 Times:
*** 13 April at 7 pm
*** 16 April at 4 pm
*** 19 April at 7 pm 
Still unknown if Ryan will be present.
See the schedule on the official site (English).

Lost River - Imagine: Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival
April 8 - 18 - Amsterdam (The Netherland).
The movie will be screening twice:
 *** 9 April at 19.20 (7.2 pm);
 *** 16 April at 21.45 (9.45 pm)
Ryan won't be present.
Follow the Amsterdam Fantastic FF Official Facebook or on their official site

That's all for now. I will update this post with more date if new events come out.

Stay Gos


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  1. Wow! Lost River is my favorite film. I had attended all the promotional events in New York that were organized for the promotion of this great film. I am glad that you shared the details about this great interview!

    1. Oh I'm so jealous of you!!! I have to wait for the dvd to be release in June!!!