Lost River: new stills revealed and... a mistery to solve.

Good morning GosAdd,
yesterday the French Distributor (they're a step forward about Ryan, that's it!! No other distributor has prepared a press kit for Lost River so far.) The Joker revealed a new Press Kit for the release of Lost River in French cinemas (8 April 2015).

I've just made the jpeg and they're online. Just click here and you will be linked to the album.
I won't translate it this time as more or less are the same stuff appeared in the old one released for Cannes in May 2014. You can read them in  post about Ryan's Official Statement (an EXCLUSIVE for my blog).

But thanks to this new press kit we have few new stills from the movie. Here you will find just 2 of them. For more check the Official Stills Album on the Gallery:

But, taking a look at this press kit I've found a strange thing....
On the picture above (a beautiful shot of Bones and Rat on Rob's cab) there are the names of the actors and.... Shannon Plumb is Franky.

I suppose it's a mistake because Shannon Plumb is Derek Cianfrance's wife:

  March 30 - New Directors/New Films - Screening of Towheads @ Film Society of Lincoln Center
Ryan, Shannon and Derek at the Screening of Towheads @ Film Society of Lincoln Center
 Now, I don't think she could disguise so good to be look like Landyn Steward (that is Franky!)

And I've never read anywhere she was in this movie, not even on IMDb.... So for sure it's a mistake or a misterious mistery to solve. I'm going tweeting it at The Joker hoping they will answer and maybe correct the document.

That's all GosAdd.
Take care and... Stay Gos


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