Lost River : French Trailer revealed

GosAdd, the French trailer for has Lost River been released today and all you have to do is just WATCH IT!!!

Do it!! It's different from the US one (check it here below)

The French version has different scenes and... Gos, I can't believe the movie won't be released in Italy!!!!

Anyway... Stay Gos


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  1. Anonimo2:43 PM

    Beautiful trailer!

    I have a question about "untitled Malick project". Do you know the names of the characters, especially the one of Ryan and Rooney Mara? I was curious about that. I'm fed up with the wait and apparently it's going to be long as Knight of cups may be released only at the end of 2015. Can't believe how long it takes!!! It's crazy!

    1. Hello there, honestly I have no idea. Only Malick (maybe!) knows them. And believe me I'm curious too!! KoC should be out here in Italy in May and the Untitled may be out (in Italy) between the end of 2015 early 2016. But there is no certainty.