Lost River: Listen to YES (Love theme) by Chromatics.

Hello Gosadd,
so what do you think about  Lost River official trailer and poster?

I  really love them and I can't undersand why some movie sites report the trailer is "as bad as the movie". Oh well.... I don't care about what they say honestly.
So, Lost River will premiere in the USA during SXSW in Austin in March in the Film Favorite category.

This post is just for those who are too lazy to open the official site for the movie: LostRiverMovie.com.

You can listen to (and download) for free the official theme from the movie "YES" by Chromatics.

Yesterday I was "talking" with Johnny Jewel on the official facebook Italians Do It Better page and he told me the song is yet available on ITunes and Spotify in the original version plus 2 remixed ones.

I  think you can find helpful finding the links for buying them here on the blog. So, click on the photo and buy them.

 Buy on ITunes

 buy on Spotify

Take care and Stay Gos


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