Lost River is "a shuddering macabre tale from which it will be difficult to take the eyes off"

Yesterday French Press could watch a special screening for Lost River in Paris.
And opposite to what journalists said after the Cannes screening (20 May 2014) the movie had great reviews.
I'm here posting you one of them, courtesy of Le Bleu Du Miroir (thanks for giving me the permission to use it).
Of course the original article is in French and I try and translate it in English ( open this link for the Italian version)

One thing is certain: many spectators - and inevitably some fans - will be confused by Lost River, the first feature film signed Ryan Gosling. Many critics argue that he has built a first work too referenced to really seduce while it follows logically his collaborations (Refn, Cianfrance)
and his influences (Carax, Jarmusch) it seems undeniably true to his obsession with the monstrous figures and a dream-horrific universe already shown through his delightful musical project Dead Man's Bones. A work so outrageously personal. With a disconcerting control to the aesthetics of the macabre, the young actor turned author permeates your retinas of his nightmarish and romantic visions (in the original sense of the term), referring to the imaginary, the fears and aspirations of childhood.

In an abandoned Detroit whose vast desert inevitably reminds to Only lovers left alive released last year, the protagonists try to survive between reality, dream and oblivion. Lost in these urban limbo, a mother (Christina Hendricks) is striving to save the little that remains of her family, while his eldest son (Ian De Caestecker) flies here and there stealing some copper to make ends meet while fatally seeking an escape from this grim day. This could come from the strange neighbor living opposite him (Saoirse Ronan), with her mute grandmother who will soon discuss with him the negative consequences that had the creation of the artificial lake on the fate of the whole city and of his family.

Put it on the mounting table again after a rather harsh reception in Cannes, Ryan Gosling has refined the movie in is image, giving it his contemplative and artistic sensibility. For his first film, Gosling was surrounded by technicians (Benoit Debie for photography, costume designer Erin Benach, the designer Beth Mickle ...) and producers (Marc Platt, Adam Siegel) with whom he had worked before. And logically he gave to Christina Hendricks one of the main roles. And this was an extremely wise choice because her face is perfect for the poetic and tragic images Gosling has built up on the screen for his Lost River. The actress revealed by the series Mad Men and briefly appeared in Drive (by his friend Nicolas Winding Refn), is the lynchéenne figurehead of a work as disturbing as captivating.

Finally, a few words about the beauty of the images and the beauty of the sound scored by Johnny Jewel (Chromatics, Desire ...) which will provide some sensory pleasures that it would be very unfortunate not to enjoy. All these makes Lost River a promising and charmin first feature, a filmic object vintage, fetish, fragile and mesmerizing  confirming the birth of an author. A shuddering macabre tale from which it will be difficult to take the eyes off for its atmosphere is impregnated and accompanies us long after the exit room.

Source: Le Bleu Du Miroir
Stay Gos


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