The Gos and temporary tattoos #2


In 2011 Ryan and Derek Cianfrance worked together again after the beautiful Blue Valentine.
In this new movie "The Place Beyond the Pines" Ryan is Luke Glanton,  a motorcyclist who works with a Carnival. But you all know what the movie is all about.

Anyway, what's so impressive in Ryan's character? Correct! His tattoos.

In an interview, the director admits:
"Those are all tattoos that Ryan says he wants, but can't have them as an actor,'' says Cianfrance. ''He thought he should have the most tattoos in movie history. He really wanted a face tattoo. I asked, 'Are you sure?' He said, 'Face tattoos are the best.' He said, 'It should be a dagger dripping blood. It's so tough.' First day we're shooting, Ryan pulls me over and says, 'I think we should lose the face tattoo. It's too much.' And I said, 'That's what happens with a face tattoo. You regret it. Now you're stuck with it.' Every choice has a consequence."

Source: EW

Ryan had already wore fake tattoos for his movies (if you've missed them, take a look here), but NEVER as in this one.

I want to say a big Thank You to Ben Shields - the tattoo designer - for posting the designs on his blog. There are 35 tattoos and Ryan had his word on them.
I've decided to post them in a logical order (well, logical for me), to divide them in sets (14) with a name and (to try) to give a meaning when I can.

Let's start.

Angels and  DemonsIn this set there are 4 tattoos as you can see by the pic here above.

#1 - The subject of this first tatoos is Eva, the first woman. She holds an apple in her left hand and a snake is wrapped around her body. She has wings like she was an angel. Surely, it refers to the fact she was "pure" before eating the apple. The tattoos was designed on Ryan's right upper arm.
#2 - Eva is no more an "angel". She ate the apple of sin; she is no more pure. This tattoo is quite difficult to find. On  Ryan's left clavicle we can see wings so here is where this tattoo should be.
You can see it for a while in the deleted scene Luke goes to Jail
#3 - A Holy Bible is on Ryan's left hand while on his bell (quite hidden by the pants he is wearing in the deleted scene in the worst motel ever) we have the #4th and last tatto of this set: a grave with a flower. What does this tattoo remind you? Correct! Dead man's Bones song Flowers grow out of my grave.

Animals (part 1) - On Ben's blog there are 6 animals. In the first set those visible on Ryan/Luke's body.

#1 - The first one is hard to find and we can see a piece of it when Luke is sitting in the porch with little Jason (Anthony Pizza) waiting for the ambulance (and the police). The tattoo is on his left upper arm and it's hidden by the black tee.
#2 - This is a weird tattoo.. It's a owl with the halo and 2 swords, holding 2 rats dripping blood. Honestly, the meaning is a mistery... May he be a kind of Angel of Justice?
#3 - The  Eagle holding a skull is on his chest. The meaning? Who knows? Maybe it's the American Eagle, symbol of the USA but why the skull? The tattoo #4 is weird as well. A rabbit with hat, bowtie and a match.

Animals (part 2)  - The first Missing tattoos. I couldn't find them on Ryan's body so or  they are well hidden or they couldn't be tattooed for ... lack of space. A hare (or a rabbit, I don't know) and a shark.

Boxer - 2 boxer, one for biceps. #1  on guard on the right one;  #2 delivers the blow on his left one.

Daggers -  Or are they knives? Luke is a knife's lover. Do you remind the opening of the movie? Luke prepares himself for the shot opening and closing a knife.

#1 is on his  left inner forearm while #2  on his right one. #3 is the dagger dripping blood Ryan wanted so badly, regretting it as soon as they started filming. But the movie is about decisions and consequences right? So, he had to keep it.

Men & Animals -  3 tattoos in this set. The fight between human being and nature, maybe.

#1 is a lion (?) holding a dagger and and the  hand of a man holding a gun. The word Glory is missing and the tattos is on Ryan's right flank.
#2 is a man (again with a dagger in his right hand) fighting with a feline and the tattoos is on Ryan's left forearm.
#3 a man turning in wolf.... So a werewolf, because don't forget Ryan love this stuff. So, another reference to his band and the song  Werewolf Heart.

Monsters & Magician - both a great passion of our beloved Ryan.

Ryan Gosling on twitter: true account Frankenstein is the tattoo #1 in this set and it's tattooed on  Ryan's right hand. Ryan is a big lover of monsters (and skeletons and ghosts).
Are you on twitter? Have you watched Ryan's profile photo on it? Well, you can see it here on the side.
Again, do you remind Dead Man's Bones photoshoot by Hama Sanders? Ryan is Frankenstein (and Zach is the werewolf).

The other big passion of Ryan is Magic and Magician (Rob Zabrecky is good friend of him and he's a famous magician). And I do invite you to read the beautiful article appeared on GQ by Brett Martin
So, tattoo #2 in this set is a Magician hat with the written Magic Man on Ryan's right forearm, near the hand.

Skulls - 3 tattoos... Honestly there are 4 skulls in Ben's designs if we consider also the skull hold by the Eagle on his chest.

The skull #1 is on his left inner forearm and it's the classical symbol for pirates;  the #2 is a King, surrounded by precious stones and on the crown we can read the words King Me. I am the King. This tattoo is on his right arm and can see it clearly from the behind.
The skull #3 is missing (again, for lack of space? Or maybe it was similar to the one with the eagle) and it's a bleeding skull hit by an arrow.

Snakes & Swords - These two reminds me of our playing cards.... Anyway 2 snakes wrapped around a sword. The crowns are different so maybe a King and a Queen.

#1 is tattooed on his right forearm while the  #2 is on his lef arm, covering Ryan's real tattoo - the cover of The Giving Tree, a book of his childhood -. If you are still wondering about Ryan's real tattoos, take a look and read my best post so far here.

Spiders and Spider Webs - ok, I hate spiders. No, this is not correct. I'm terrified to death by them, no matter how big they are. 4 tattoos with them. 

Thank Gos, as you can see by the pic above #3 and #4 are not on  Ryan's perfect body (once again, lack of space I suppose).
But #1 and #2 are. The first is on his right forearm while the second on his left shoulder. The 2nd is visible - again - in the deleted scene Luke Goes To jail (look above in Angels & Demons for  the link to the video)

Others (part 1) - We're quite over GosAdd, don't worry. We're quite over.

In this set and in the next one 7 different tattooes, not related one another.

#1 - Lucky and winning dices on Ryan's left forearm. On his neck the tattoo #2: the written Heart Throb. In the movie he is Luke and his team is named Heart Throbs. On his back the tattoo #3: a big ship sailing among clouds on a quiet sea. 

Others (part 2) - A rose on his right forearm is the tattoo #1. Only the bomb for the design of the tattoo #2 that was designed on his inner left arm.

Missing Tattooes - These 3 tattooes are not visible or simply they are not tattooed on his body.
To be honest, there is a tattoo that doens't appear among the designs.
The fingers are all tattooed. On his right hand we can read the word H A N D  while S O M E  is on the left one. Let's read it alltogether: HANDSOME.

And now... What about Ryan's true tattooes????

As you can read on the post The Gos Tattooed, Ryan has 4 of  them on his left arm.

One of them (The Giving Tree) was covered by the Snake and Sword.

The others are not deleted: the "cactus" and the "bar code" (#1 and #2) are clearly visible.

The #3 is Theda Bara and the Skeleton and it was disguised for the movie. It seems like an old man.

Well, it's over!
Hope you have found this article interesting and I will appreciate your comments and maybe share on your pages for this.

Stay Gos


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