The Buzz Project: a little update

Hey GosAdd,
Too much time has passed since the first post about this project (March 2014).

In the previous posts about the Busby "Buzz" Berkeley biopic I've told you Ryan is producing along with Marc Platt and Warner Bros has bought the option on the book  Buzz: The Life and Art of Busby Berkeley  by Jeffrey Spivak.

What we didn't know was the name of the writer for the screenplay. Well, now we have that name!

Searching on IMDb... This is what I've found:

Just few words about the screenwriter honestly. All we know is she is a Texas born, she is 27 yo and 
has already written over 20 screenplays, a novel and a collection of award winning slam poems. She is part of the new school of film makers setting sail for Hollywood (source: IMDb).

There are no more infos about the biopic. We have to be patience and wait...
That's all Folks!

Stay Gos


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