Steve Carell in talks to join Ryan Gosling in The Big Short

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another news about this project.

THR has just reported the exclusive news that Steve Carell is in talks for playing a role in The Big Short.

Steve Carell, who has already shown his dramatic chops with his acclaimed performance in Foxcatcher, is continuing his push into drama.

The actor is in talks to join Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling and Christian Bale in The Big Short, the adaptation of a Michael Lewis best-seller that Plan B is producing for Paramount.

If a deal makes, Carell will join the trio, who are in various stages of talks, in the true-life drama, which chronicles multiple storylines and juggles various characters against the backdrop of the housing and credit bubbles of the 2000s that led to the 2007-08 global financial crisis.

Carell will play Steve Eisman, a money manager who shorted subprime mortgages for FrontPoint Partners.

Gosling is to play Deutsche Bank trader Greg Lippmann. Bale will portray Michael Burry, the founder of the Scion Capital and one of the first people to predict the coming crisis. In a supporting role, Pitt will take on Ben Hockett, a partner at Cornwall Capital.

As you can read, THR stil writes "are in various stages of talks" so at the moment they're all rumored to be in, except maybe Brad Pitt who is producing with his label (Plan B Ent.) and has a supporting role (like in 12 years a slave).

It's still not confirmed Adam McKay will be the director, though it's already confirmed on the IMDb site. At the moment there is not date for the filming.

Anyway, I do think the news is quite confirmed as the famous site reports the roles for each of the 4 actors.

Personally, I'm not a Pitt and Bale fan (everybody has his/her own taste, right?) but I'd be very very happy if Carell joins the project as  I like him (watch the beautiful Little Miss Sunshine).

What are your thoughts about this project?

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