(Photos) Lost River: New stills

Hey Gosadd,
a new still from Lost River has appeared on the Italiansdobetter site (that is Johnny Jewel Label - he scored the movie):

 Lost River Stills

It's not clear who is the character in this still but I would say without doubt it's BELLADONNA
(played by Barbara Steele). About her we know she lives with Rat (her nephew) and spends all her day sitting on the couch watching her old movies in a the house fulfilled with stuff.

On the ItaliansDoItBetter Official Facebook  page it's reported soon we will have the Soundtrack for the movie, coming out in about a month with songs by Desire, Chromatics, Glass Candy (we all know them because of Drive. Tick of the Clock should be in Lost River too) and Symmetriy.

Another photo has appeared on the Saoirse Ronan blog. No doubt about the fact is RAT (Saoirse Ronan)

 Lost River Stills

Click on the photos for all the OFFICIAL stills from the movie.

Stay Gos


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