Ryan Gosling will present Lost River at the Istanbul FIlm Festival


A GREAT news Gosadd.
Ryan Gosling could come  for real in the Old Continent...

The official twitter account for the  Istanbul Film Festival has announced  Lost River will be screened at the yearly festival (from 4 to 19 April).

At the moment there is not a confirmed date for the screening and I'm not sure Ryan will be present but....

Well, the movie will hit Spanish cinemas on 10 April and between 22 and 24 April in France, Belgium and Uk and French distributor said they want Ryan to be there in Paris.

Fingers crossed! Well, not for me as the movie won't be released in Italy and I can't tour Europe for him.

Oh Ryan Ryan.... if you (or anyone else for you is)  are reading..... tell me what I can do!

Stay Gos


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