The Believer, one of the best winner at Sundance.

So, Sundance has started (yesterday) and though our Ryan is not there this year, well, we can find a way to talk about him and one of the movie he presented there.

So far Ryan attended the Sundance FIlm Festival in Park City 3 times.
In 2001 for The Believer.
In 2003 for The United States of Leland 
In 2010 for Blue Valentine.

From the banner you can clearly understand the argument of the post is The Believer (or Danny Balint in France).

This was Ryan first tough role and to me it's one of his best interpretation so far. If you have not yet watched it... don't waste time and watch it.

I was saying, the movie was premiered at Sundance Film Festival back in January 2001 and won the Gran Jury Prix, though it never had the success it deserved.

Indiewire did a chart  of the movies that won the  Dramatic Grand Jury Prize in the last 31 years "and ranked them from worst to best (and yes, it says "Best to Worst," but the opposite just reads weird in a headline: it's not the end of the world, y'all!)".

The Believer is #6:
Despite rave reviews and launching the career of future heartthrob Ryan Gosling, “The Believer” struggled to get distribution in the U.S., eventually slinking onto Showtime nearly 18 months after taking the top prize in Park City. But then it’s not entirely surprising: it’s an enormously powerful and provocative picture that confronts taboos head on, and which exposes something like the similarly-themed “American History X” as the skinhead porn it really is. The premise — a Neo-Nazi (Gosling, in a firecracker performance that might still be his best) who’s also secretly Jewish — might sound like a rejected Sacha Baron Cohen character, but Henry Bean’s film is a challenging, thought-provoking, and intellectually rigorous one that deserves a second airing after its shameful rejection by distributors back in the day.

I have a movie I hope it could win the Sundance this year. I will keep my finger crossed.
Stay Gos


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