Ryan Gosling still shooting The Nice Guys

Hello Gosadd,
So, we all know the set in Atlanta for The Nice Guys closed up on 19th December 2014.

As usual, I was visiting the IMDb site and it's reported the movie is yet in post production.

Saturday,  Ryan attended the "Don Rickles Comedy Show" at the Saban Theatre in Los Angeles. On the net you may find many photos but I won't post them as to me  the event was a "private one" for Ryan.
But we have photos  taken with fans like this one:

 Instagram: Diane Elizabeth 

and our Ryan is still sporting the same hairdo and the same facial hair we have seen in the photos from the set of the movie in Atlanta.

I do believe this is the proof they're still filming the indoors scene (maybe) at the WB studios in Burbank.
Unless Ryan loves those horrible mustaches...... (no comment on the white shoes he wore at the event!)

Stay Gos


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