Lost River: the missing "look at my Muscles" thing and more.

Hey Gosadd,
yesterday I've posted a couple of new stills from Lost River.
There is another still with little Frankie (played by Landyn Steward) and you can see it on the Gallery.

In this post just a couple of things I've found out reading here and there.

As we all know now Johhny Jewel scored the movie and according Italians Do It Better Official on Facebook the Lost River soundtrack "will be a month apart".

As reported in my previous post, in the OST we will find songs by Desire (Drive - Under your spell), Chromatichs (Drive - Tick of the Clock) and Glass Candy.

On the Glass Candy official facebook, Jewel writes:

"A version of "Shell Game is at the top of Reel 5. It's a crazy crazy scene. Absolutely incredible."
What left me totally breathless was reading THIS conversation on the Chromatics Official between a follower and the Admin of the Page (I suppose Jewel himself as he is the "boss")

Fan: LOOK at my muscles, look at my muscles LOOK at my muscles look at my muscles look at my
muscles look at my muscles look at my muscles LOOK at my muscles look at my muscles LOOK at my muscles look at my muscles.

ChromaticsHa Ha. That's not in the film but so sick.

Fan: : Really just a trailer thing? I was so looking forward to that

Chromatics: It was a promo snippet for Cannes. Matt Smith is iconic as "Bully"

I have to be honest: I will miss the Bully (Matt Smith) being so humble.

The last thing....
Few weeks ago, a journalist  on twitter told me that I could have listened to few songs that actually are in Lost River: some are heard in the movie, others are sung by actors.  But they're not NEW Songs so they're not in the OST.

I've searched for them and I've created a playlist on YouTube. Just click HERE and listen to them: you will be very surprised by the different style of them

And.. he also told me that THIS song is in the film.

Listen to it and...

Do you recognize it???

Yes, Chromatics and their "Tick of the clock"

That's all for now.
Seeing you in a while for a new post about an interview with Ryan and the Cast.

Stay Gos  


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