Ryan Gosling crashes the AACTA's awards

Hey Gosadd,
this is soooo funny!!!
On  the net has just appeared a fab video with Ryan and  Russell Crowe (on The Nice Guys set)

AACTA's stands for Australian Academy of Cinema and Television awards and Russell Crowe was presenting the best supporting actress award when.... Ryan comes along and asks what he was doing and..... see the video!

Crowe said to Ryan he was there presenting this award but Ryan keeps interrupting him and in the end he said he [Ryan] is a honorary citizen in Australia as he stayed for 2 years in New Zealand [shooting Young Hercules].... Of course this clip was "prepared".  Ryan knows very well they were live and that New Zealand is not part of Australia

Anyway, look at Ryan's face. He is so funny! 

Stay Gos


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