Lost River: Matt Smith defends Ryan Gosling and the movie.


Hello Gosadd,
How many bad bad reviews have we read about Lost River and Ryan Gosling last year?
Too many. I haven't seen the movie but I  think many critics and many journalists wanted to destroy  Ryan just because he is Ryan Gosling.
On the opposite, many journalists loved the movie and this made me think Lost River is a love-or-hate movie. There is no in-between.

Anyway, in the new Total Film issue (March) there is an article about Lost River with an interview with Ryan and the cast that I think was taken last year in  Cannes.

I won't post here all the  long interview (you can bought the Magazine online if you have a tablet or just read the article here) but I want to post you  Matt Smith words.

“I loved the script. I think it’s very rare, particularly in hollywood, that films like this are made. It operated on a different level. It has a dreamlike quality of magic realism. I’m very proud of it. I think they did a fantastic job in giving it an identity and life and tone that does the script justice.
There was great freedom, and he sets up an environment where you can take risks.
[describing an entire scene improvised using a local Detroit woman who happened to be walking past during shooting] There was a real freedom on this. and that’s a testament to Ryan, his mentality and his creative nature and soul. I loved all that. I’m really proud of this film.I think because Ryan’s Ryan, people will always have a particular take on it, because it’s impossible for people not to go ‘we have to judge it because it’s the movie star that we know as Ryan Gosling’".

I'm really curious about this movie and I'm counting the days before it will be released on home video in the Uk.

Stay Gos


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  1. Anonimo6:21 PM

    yeah, I`m so so curious, too. I hope the DVD will include german or english subtitles, because my whole fam is deaf and we are big ryan gosling fans xD

    1. The movie will hit German cinemas on 30 April. Surely you could buy a German dvd with subtitles