From Lawless to Untitled Terrence Malick Project to Project V.


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one of you just send me the link of this Italian article. And let me say that this news left me speechless..

This article has appeared on the Italian website Cinefilos. Here I translate it for you.

The 2000s are proving to be very productive for Terrence Malick, the director that in 30 years of activity has produced only 3 movies and that in recent years has turned in one of the busiest author out there.

After The New World, The Tree of Life and To the Wonder, Terrence Malick is now working on two projects. The first one is Knight of Cups and the second, more misterious, is Project V starring Ryan Gosling.

During "Le Giornate professionali del Cinema 2014" held in Sorrento (Italy) from 30 November to 6 Decemebr we saw some sequences of the film.

From the short footage, we can guess that Ryan Gosling will star, an aspiring rock star. Around him gravitate two characters, one played by Michael Fassbender, who seems to be a business partner of Gosling, someone with whom the character can realize his musical ambitions. On the other side there is the character of Rooney Mara, who in the first part of the footage is clearly Gosling's woman and then seems to weave a clandestine relationship with Fassbender.

Around this love triangle gravitate two other women, Natalie Portman, in a novel blonde who seems to get in the good graces of Fassbender, while Cate Blanchett weaves his way with that of the character of Gosling.

Project V seems to be, for the style, similar to Knight of Cups, but takes over the discourse on '"hardening" of the rhythms that the director seems to have put in place in the film starring Christian Bale. Malick is measured by the world of rock, and automatically the themes and rhythms change and adapt. However, what Malick does is never an adjustment subservient to history, but a slow transformation, gradual and apparently motivated by what appear an artistic reasons. The story seems to come back to become important, to the detriment of what had happened in a rather extreme in The Tree of Life.
In Project V, near Ryan Gosling, also Rooney Mara, Michael Fassbender, and again Cate Blanchett, Christian Bale and Natalie Portman.

The impressions received from the movie are obviously partial, and expect them to confirm only movie viewing. When and how this will be possible is to see.

So my GosAdd.... this is a big news! I had no idea about few sequences would have been shown today in Italy!
These are the infos we get from this brief article:
- The movie has found its name, maybe. The journalist who wrote the article said to me it should be the definitive one. I do remind you the movie was named Lawless at beginning, then it was called UTMP, the title is now Project V (this is how it was presented today).
- So Project V.... V stands for what? It can mean five (in Roman numerals) and honestly if we count the movies named in the article it's the #5... Maybe it's not the final title in the end.
- Ryan is sure to be in as long with the others actors: Rooney Mara, Michael Fassbender, Nathalie Portman, Cate Blanchett and Christian Bale who said he was sure to be cut out as he shot just 3 days.
- If few sequences have been shown than the movie is quite done and there is a chance it could be released in late 2015.
- The movie is distributed by Filmnation Ent for the Us and by Adler Enterainment for Italy.

The movie could be released by the end of 2015 (maybe very beginning of 2016).
What else can I say? Oh yes... our favorite word: PATIENCE!

Stay Gos


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  1. Anonimo7:30 PM

    To the Wonder was called Project D before having its definitive title... Don't be too sure, even if this title is not bad...

    1. I know. The title seems a little strange.. As I've said.. patience!

  2. Anonimo4:07 PM

    I am patient. And you have no scoop because Project V is a working title only. See TM fan page on Facebook...

    1. Well, for me having a teaser screened in a small local festival here in Italy it's a big scoop. And I also write that Project V may be another working title. But this is what the Italian distributor introduced the movie. So this is the title at the moment

  3. Grazie mille della notizia Ale! Amo la parola "pazienza"

    1. Prego Cara. Comunque la parola pazienza inizia a farsi pesante ;-)

  4. Anonimo2:58 PM

    There's a new plotline...

    1. I've read it but it sounds... Weird.... On the Filmmation there is still the old one and according to Cinefilos it's similar to what we knew