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Hey GosAdd,
Following  my previous post (you can read it here), I'm posting you few new stills taken by our Pia (thanks again my friend).

Be aware these stills can be considered SPOILER.

Apparently Ryan was the "tutor" (I've translated as director) for Only God Forgives' 2nd Unit

Nicolas gifted Ryan with a scarf (like the one he wore for the movie) so Ryan could wrap in for "directing".

And then a beautiful moment between the guys.

 Among other stills Pia sent me, I've decided to post also this one.

This one was taken during their appearance at the Hua Hin Festival (Thailand) in January.
Nicolas said Hey, cows! because he feels like cattle to these events.
In an interview this is what Nic himself said about being at that festival:

“It was very expensive for us paying off the cops, because we needed the security, especially because we were firing guns at the closing time. I didn’t have the money basically to hire all the extra help that was needed. I was contacted by Hua Hin Film Festival and they asked, would Ryan and I go to red carpet, and like, appear at the festival. And they said, “We’ll pay you.” I think it was 20 thousand dollars. And I went, “Well, how about we turn that twenty into a hundred?” And they were like, “Do you promise to show up?” “We will show up for sure!” So we agreed on that. We came up to Hua Hin and then they’re taking 10% because of taxes, which was just kind of ironic, cause all cash, but alright, we had to sign a slip. But then we had 90 thousand dollars. I was like, ” I’ve never counted [wishpers] 90 thousand dollars. What even it feels like?” And I said, “I wanna count it!” So I was sitting in a hotel room in Hua Hin, counting 90 thousand dollars to pay off the cops [laughs] at first to be able to shoot."

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