Ryan Gosling wants the next Ghostbusters

Hey Gosadd,
I think you all know what happened to Sony... All those private e-mail hackered and published on the web.

Yesterday some new emails between Ilene Feldman and Amy Pascal have been released: Ryan might be interested in playing the male role in the new Ghostbusters movie, planned to have an all female cast (Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone could be in too). According Paul Feig (producer at Sony) the movie is not a sequel but a totally original screenplay with just a male role.

Besides, it seems Sony wants Ryan to play in Sinister Six (as Spiderman?) and in the Jobs biopic (yet refused by DiCaprio, Bale and Portman).

So far Ryan has always refused to play in heroes movies and I do hope he will keep saying NO.

That's all for now. Have a Good Sunday.

Stay Gos


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