Ryan Gosling and Nicolas WR together for Lost River

Hello GosAdd,
I've just had a very very bad bad news!!!!

Set for the release in Italy on 27 November 2014  Lost River was then postponed.. Spring 2015 I've been told by the most serious Italian movie magazine... But my dreams did crash few moments ago.

The Italian distributor is MovieMax Italia and after emails and tweets, I had an asnwer:


Good morning,
at the moment we have no release dates for the movie (Lost River) in the object.

Best Regards

I don't know, I'm losing  hopes the movie will ever be released in this Country.
Blue Valentine that is worldwide considered a masterpiece was totally ignored here...
[Just for your information: Blue Valentine was releaesd in Italy between February/March 2013 (yes, 2013! It's not a mistake) and had no promo on Tv, no promo on the theater screens. Nothing! The movie was distributed by a very small distributor in very few cinemas (maybe 15/20) across Italy. I was lucky I could watched it in Milan (that is not round the corner from where I live!).]

Anyway, let's stop talking about Italy and let me tell you a very interesting thing I've found out this morning.

On Tuesday 7th October in Paris,  Showeb de rentrée 2014 was held. This is an event dedicated to cinema organized by "Le Film Francais" and the agency "Casablanca" for web journalists and bloggers. It was the opportunity for distributors to present their line-up, showing trailers and excerpts, unpublished content of upcoming releases. More or less the same thing as "Le giornate professionali del cinema di  Sorrento" where Project V by Terrence Malick was presented.

This is an extract from one of the many blogs I've read:
(French, Original language)
Lost River, de Ryan Gosling :
Pas d’images inédites pour le premier film du comédien en tant que réalisateur. Nous avons eu droit à l’extrait déjà connu, dans lequel Matt Smith répète à qui veut bien l’entendre « Look at my muscles ». En revanche, le distributeur nous a présenté une petite vidéo très sympa mettant en scène Ryan Gosling et Nicolas Winding Refn, le deuxième s’exprimant à la place du premier, mutique – comme d’habitude.

Translation (From French to English made by me)
Lost River by Ryan Gosling:
No new images for the first film of the actor and now director. We had already watched the extract, in which Matt Smith keeps repeating "Look At My Muscles".
However, the distributor (The Jokers) presented us a short video very sympathetic with Ryan Gosling and Nicolas Winding Refn, the second spoke for the first one that - as usual - was silent.

Source: Brigadecinephile
Now... I don't know what you think but I'd die for watching that short clip.
Ryan and Nicolas playing again together. Wish I could put my hands on that clip sooner or later. Maybe it's part of the movie promo that (hopefully) will start next year.
Maybe it will be in the dvd/blu ray.
Maybe maybe maybe....
Maybe I could tweet to our beloved Nicolas and kindly asking for it

Stay Gos


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