My Life Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn soon on dvd!

Updated 14 Jan. 2015 - Release date postponed

Good morning GosAdd,
Finally!!!!!!!!!!! After rumors and fake release date we now have a real date!!!

My Life Directed by NWR  - directed by Liv Corfixen - Nicolas Winding Refn's wife -  shot during the making of Only God Forgives - will be on dvd starting from 2nd March 2015 (* the previuos release date was 26 January 2015) in the UK!

The documentary it's already available on dvd for the pre-order on Amazon UK.

I do remind you in the documetnary we find not only Nicolas but also our Ryan.

Premiered in Denmark on 17 July, the documentary was then screened in the  USA on 20 September during the Fantastic Fest and in Stockholm (Sweden) on 8th November during the Stockholm Film Festival.

Here below the official trailer.

I've just pre-ordered my copy, what are you waiting for???

Stay Gos  


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