Lost River won't get its release in the US Theaters

Hello GosAdd,
this morning I woke up on a .. bad news! Yes, bad news.

In an interview with Collider for his new "Into The Woods", Marc Platt (producer for Drive and Lost River) was asked about Ryan's movie

What’s going on with Ryan Gosling’s movie? Is it really going to another distributor at this point?

Platt: No, it’s being distributed by Warner Brothers and coming out in April.

But few moments later Variety reports another scoop:

Warner Bros. will do without a U.S. theatrical release for “Lost River,” Ryan Gosling’s much-derided directorial debut.

Instead, the studio will release the fantasy drama via home entertainment in April. “Lost River” premiered to mostly negative notices in May at the Cannes Film Festival in the Un Certain Regard section.

Variety’s Justin Chang gave it a pan: “‘Lost’ is indeed the operative word for this violent fairy tale about a fractured family trying to survive among the ruins of a city overrun by thugs, sexual predators and other demons….”

The film stars Christina Hendricks, Eva Mendes, Matt Smith, Saoirse Ronan and Iain De Caestecker. The script, written by Gosling, centers on a single mother swept into a dark fantasy underworld while her teenage son discovers a secret road leading to an underwater town.

Warner Bros. acquired U.S. rights in 2013 during Cannes, where Sierra/Affinity sold international rights to 20 markets. The film, which was shot in Detroit, was called “How to Catch a Monster” at that point.

Production companies are Marc Platt, Phantasma Films and Bold Films production. Producers are Platt, Gosling, Adam Siegel, Michel Litvak and David Lancaster.

Few weeks ago I had an email by Sierra Affinity and I was assured the movie would have been out in the US Theaters and that the trailer would have been released soon.

Now I don't know.. I mean.... I'm starting thinking there is something wrong in the story.
There are tons of ridicolous and horrible movies that arrive in theaters so why not Lost River? The movie could have been released in few limited theaters across the US but why released it just as Home Video?
I think  there are some marketing plans Ryan refused, dont' forget the movie is distributed by WB in the US. If not I can't explain why his first movie is so ignored. I can understand the critics but not this!

Only God Forgives was destroyed by the US Press but it had a premiere in NYC; it was booed by the Cannes audience but it won the Sydney Film Festival. It was released in theaters across the world. It was a hard movie and divided audience. Love it or hate it. But it was not ignored!

So far Lost River has few confirmed date (check here the list). In France the movie was set to be out on 18th Feb but then postponed to 22 April because they want Ryan to be there for the premiere.
For us poor Italian fans, there is no hope we can see the movie. The movie is not in the line up for 2015.
The movie will be out in the UK on 24 April and - thank God - every single movie is then released in dvd and blu ray after a couple of months. I will buy there my copy.

I'm tired of this! A movie like "The Interview" had tons of free promo and in the end is a sad and useless thing. 
A movie like "50 shades" is a pure commercial movie but it has tons of promo.
Still, Hunger Games part 3 was a big delusion. But Jennifer Lawrence is in.
So who cares about the quality now? A big name for a big movie that's all the matter in Hollywood! You are mostly appreciate not for your qualities but for how much you can "give" of yourself.

I will do my best from now on to AVOID those big movies, unless Ryan is in! 

I don't accept this decision. I'm really disgusted! We have the right to see Ryan's movie even if it is the worst thing we would ever see in our life.

Stay Gos


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