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Hello GosAdd,

Do you remember my previous post about Blue Valentine? No? Well this is not a problem as you can read it here.

In that post I've told you Ryan is scared of heights but I didn't link the article because, after reading many stuff, I forgot where I read that particular info.

Finally, after months I've found another article to prove my words. It's an old interview taken with Derek Cianfrance by Connect Savannah during the promotion for the movie.

In  the interview Derek talks about the shocking decision of the MPAA to prohibit the viewing of the film to people under 17 years. Among other interesting things, Derek reveals what's behind the scene filmed over the Brooklyn Bridge.

Right before we started to shoot I went over to Michelle and I said “Michelle, throw away all the
dialogue. Don’t use any of the dialogue.” I said “Here’s the only thing you have to do now: Don’t tell him your secret. Whatever you do, don’t tell him what’s going on.”

And then I told Ryan, “Throw away the script, but here’s what you have to do: Get her to tell you. Do whatever you have to do to get her to tell you.”

We’re 45 minutes or so into shooting, walking back and forth across the Manhattan Bridge, the sun is setting, and Michelle is staying strong. And we’re burning a lot of film, and she will not give it up to him.

And Ryan’s getting frustrated. My producers are getting frustrated: “What the hell are we doing?”

Finally Ryan, so frustrated, starts climbing the fence on the Manhattan Bridge. There’s no safety
net, there’s no stunt double, he’s 300 feet above the water. We don’t have insurance for that kind of thing. And he’s scared of heights.

Thankfully, in that moment, Michelle tells him what her secret is. 

Thankfully she does, because with Ryan being the kind of guy that he is, who knows how far he will keep going.

And we thank Michelle too: I'm sure Ryan would have jumped from the bridge while trying!!!

Anyway, Blue Valentine is a beautiful and real movie. And Ryan and Michelle made it even more real.

Stay Gos


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