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Happy Sunday
to all my readers, even if you're just a bunch.

So, as you know I do check the IMDb every week (sometimes daily, yes I'm addicted in a positive way to Ryan I can't help myself). And yesterday I was checking as usual and…… Finally!!!! I've found a new date was added.

It's difficult to find out who is distributing what in your own Country and it's even more difficult finding out in foreign Countries.

So, let do a small recap before but don't forget to check my article "Lost River in Theaters", updated asap with new dates as I' find them and the News about the movie.
Let me also remind you Ryan Gosling himself made me send his Official Statement for Cannes Film Festival last May.

Let's start now with the recap.

In Italy the movie should have been released on 27 November (yes!!! 3 days ago!!!). I know the distributor is MovieMax but … suddenly the date was deleted and all I know is the movie should be released sometimes in Spring 2015.. Maybe!! Yes because here in Italy there is nothing sure but the taxes (too many) and death.

In France (18th February) and Russia (25 February) the movie has a release dates since weeks!!!!!!
In Russia the movie should be released with the original title How To Catch a Monster… Personally, I preferred the original title but… this was a Warner Bros decision according Christina Hendricks.

In Germany, Tiberius Film - who is distributing - confirmed on Facebook Lost River will be released in Autumn 2015.

The Swedish Distributor site  still reports Fall/Winter 2014… I have many doubts the movie will be released by the end of the year and later on this post I will explain you why. I suppose the movie could have been screened at the Stockholm Film Festival but in the end something went wrong….

In Belgium  and Netherland the movie was at first set for February but it seems the movie will be out in in April. Infact, the IMDb site report 16 April for Netherland.

The Denmark date is still not confirmed (30 April according IMDb).

And now the NEWS:

Yesterday on IMDb the UK date was added. So I've asked here and there and…. The date is confirmed. GosAdd living in the United Kingdom could watch the movie starting from 24 April thanks to eOne Film in association with Pearl & Dean Films.

But you may ask…
The movie is coming out in many Countries but where is the Trailer? You're right. In May, the day before the screening at Cannes Film Festival (the movie was premiered on 20th May 2014) a teaser was released and many sites reported this was the official trailer.

This is wrong. Yes because this is nothing else than an extract from the movie.

And here we are at the second big NEWS of the week.

I had a confirmation from Sierra Affinity (that is selling the rights for the movie outside the US)  that the trailer should be released in few weeks now and the US release date should be announced shortly.

Few weeks…. November has gone and December is starting.
At the moment  Ryan is busy with the filming for The Nice Guys in Atlanta area and - according to the Casting Site - the shooting will be done on 19 December. Then Christmas will be here…

So this few weeks could mean in January and in January the Sundance starts.
Now, as we all know Lost River is a total independent movie and the best place for its premiere should have been Park City, not Cannes!

I think the movie could have a special screening in Utah in January maybe as a Midnight Movie. And after the Sundance the movie could be released in theaters, maybe in limited theaters in the US as it is Ryan's first work as director.

Of course this is just a thought, nothing is sure when we are talking about Ryan and his projects.

The post is over and I wish you all a very great day.

Stay Gos


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