Ryan Gosling: Hollywood's finest

Hello GosAdd,
Christmas is near!!!! Less than a month now: have you bought all the gifts? I don't! Shame on me!!! But this year buying gifts is the last of my thoughts....

Anyway, you're not interested in my boring life. If you're here it's just because of Ryan Gosling

Last year I've opened this "Chrismas is near... Put Ryan under the tree!": I've verified: all the links - except the pajamas one - are still working so you can still read it.

In the article I've written also about this unauthorized biography by Nick Johnstone "Ryan Gosling: Hollywood's finest".

What I didn't tell you (here on the blog as who is following me on Facebook should know this) is that I've bought this book in September 2013, few weeks after its world release in the Uk.

I was skeptical at first: unauthorized!! Well, surely Ryan won't ever write his own biography or sit down with a writer for telling us about his life.... So I've read a little about the author before spending my money and I've found out this Nick is a journalist who has worked for good newspapers so I took the decision and I've ordered my copy.

I was very happy with my choice!
The book is well written and covers all Ryan's career without useless and fake gossip. Just facts, mostly based on interview Ryan did over the years. And also many curiosities about his movies and many other informations.

So I do suggest you to buy it; here below you will find all the links from Amazon who sells in many Countries now (surely there are hundred of good websites who sell online books and stuff but for my experience Amazon is #1)

Let me say that the book is available only in English Language except for Italy (and here we can lol now! The translated title is something really ridicolous!!!!); be careful as  the book could be very expensive because it is imported and don't forget to add the shipping.  In many Countries the book is available only as Kindle Edition.

For those of you who are not comfortable in buying on Amazon, after the Flags you will find a little photographic tutorial.

So just click on the FLAG and you will be redirect to the Amazon site.

And now, as promised the small tutorial. All you have to do is to enlarge the photo and follow the instructions.
I know the first time you try and buy on the net may be difficult, but then everything becomes very simple.

Well, that's all for now.
Have a good week-end and...

Stay Gos


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