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Hello Gosadd,
I should have posted this before but I was busy with my own things. I love Ryan more than you can ever know but hey... I live in real world.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I was talking with Rose - one of my beloved GosAdd -.
The argument of our chat was about how many unknown and beautiful photos are kept secret by photographers or by photo agencies.

The photos here below, for instance, are by John Lazar, taken during "Lars and The Real Girl" Press Conference held in Los Angeles on 19 Sept. 2007; on the gallery there are more (coloured and b/w):

While chatting she also told me these 2 photos:

are by Henny Garfunkel from Tiff 2007. These 2 photos are really small but the quality is not bad in the end. Actually there are at least 8 photos from this photoshoot.

I've found them but they're really small and with tags all over them. 

The fact I've discovered Ryan in June 2012 doesn't help as many photographers change often the photos on their own websites.

So, I do thank Rose for her precious help and I hope some of you could help me with these photos by Henny Garfunkel.

Stay Gos


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